Aisha Gummel


Aisha Gumel Farouq is the teen educator and Pre-marital coach.  Aisha understands peer pressure and it’s diverse effect on teenagers. She provides them with the necessary guidance and the answers they need.

She is the founder of Playhouse Daycare, a successful and most sought-after early childhood centre focused on educating young children in a safe, nurturing, and innovative environment. She believes every child deserves a good foundation in education and should be given one.

She is also a partner in a consultancy firm (The Playhouse Mini Co.) that helps individuals start up their early childhood centres and organisations to set up daycare pods.

The educator is also known as  “Coaching with Mrs F” where she guides intended couples and young adults based on her experiences and skills.

Additionally, Aisha is a member of the technical sub-committee, a part of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) member tasked with curating the conversation around the annual high-level summit from 2019 to date.

She enjoys learning about innovative education and hopes to be a catalyst for change in the educational sector.

We celebrate her for helping teenagers make the right choice and live a purposeful life.