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Olaitan  Onyebuoha is a dynamic, experienced, innovation-driven, cross-trained professional with over thirteen years of professional and business experience in project management, entrepreneurship, contract management, client services, marketing, banking, HR, and market research functions across various sectors.

She is the founder of 7th Laurel Immigration Consulting-a female-owned regulated Immigration consulting company located in New Brunswick, Canada.  An information-sharing hub that exists to assist and empower clients with adequate information, which allows them to be prepared mentally and financially for the immigration journey ahead.

She is also the President of the Black Business and  Professional Network, and an Advisory Board member of Women in Business  New Brunswick.

Olaitan’s Journey

Olaitan arrived in New Brunswick in 2014 to study at the University of New Brunswick Saint John’s MBA program, with a major area of focus on Entrepreneurship and Technology Management. She also graduated from Ashton University in Vancouver BC in 2020. Upon graduation from the UNBSJ MBA program, Olaitan worked in the public art, insurance industry, and other corporations.

She lives in Saint John NB with her family and has over the last seven (7) years promoted New Brunswick as an amazing province for immigrants to settle in based on ratings on security, commuting, work-life balance, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Olaitan Onyebuoha’s For Her community

Olaitan is a massive supporter of Nigerian and African businesses within and outside New Brunswick and volunteered as a mentor with the Atlantic Canada Study and Stay Program. On an ongoing basis, she supports international students and upcoming business professionals in Nigeria by sharing her experiences as a Nigerian and professional living in Canada on strategies to network as a newcomer to Canada.

Inspiration Behind 7th Laurel Immigration Consulting

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and founder of 7th Laurel Immigration Consulting Inc. and Ocrej Consulting Study Abroad Consulting, I empower individuals with the skills and information needed to immigrate, apply, settle, and thrive in Canada. With a specialization in immigration, travel, tourism, settlement, and consulting, I strive to help people succeed by fostering a positive attitude and ownership of their goals.

My personal journey as an international student with toddlers in an intensive MBA program nine years ago inspired me to help others navigate the challenges of starting a new life in Canada. By sharing my experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned, I provide general information and support to prospective and potential applicants interested in immigrating temporarily or permanently to Canada.

With a dynamic, cross-functional background, I possess excellent problem-solving, project management, communication, sales, client services, and relationship management skills. I am proud of my exemplary record of working with teams to initiate, execute, and manage projects, create efficiency, and deliver timely results.

Regulated Immigration Consultant In Canada

Supporting Black-owned Businesses

In addition to my professional pursuits, I am also committed to community service. As a Visioneer/President of the Black Business and  Professional Network, an Advisory Board member of Women in Business  New Brunswick, and Vice President of the Nigerian Canadian Association of Canada, I am dedicated to giving back and helping others succeed.