Amb. Adebara Adebimpe ( Child Safety Advocate) , SRHR coach and a Girl Child Advocate.
Currently, she is the founder and director of “Piece of my Heart Foundation” where she leads a team of volunteers in educating and sensitizing children cum teenagers on sex education to prevent abuse.

She is a skillz girl coach at Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative where she educates adolescent girls about their sexual and reproductive health. She is also volunteer teacher at EduAid, a Global youth Ambassador at “Their World”. Lagos State Youth Ambassador representating Ikeja division at the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development.

Adebimpe is a graduate of Yaba college of Technology, Lagos. She is a trained child Advocate by Christiana Faith Foundation and Laura kids Foundation U.S.A. She’s also an alumni of Lagos Business school.She shares her Ruby Girl story with the team.

1. Let’s meet you.
Who is Adebimpe?

Adebara Adebimpe (The father’s princess) is a Christian, Graphics and UI/UX designer, sexual and reproductive health coach and a Girl child advocate.

She founded Piece of my Heart Foundation where she leads a team of volunteers in educating and sensitizing children and teenagers on sex education to prevent them from abuse. She is a Skillz girl coach at Youth empowerment and development initiative where she educates adolescent girls about their sexual and reproductive health.

A Global youth ambassador at Their World, Lagos state Youth Ambassador, Girl impact Ambassador, An SDG Youth Advocate.

Adebimpe is a graduate of Yaba college of technology, Lagos. She is a trained child advocate by Christiana Faith foundation and Laura kid’s foundation U.S.A. An alumna of Lagos Business school (Leadership and Non profit Manangement).

“Gender equality is not impossible. When we put women and girls at the centre of economies”

2. What is Piece of my Heart Foundation about?

Piece of my heart foundation is a registered Youth led non-governmental organization, that creates safe space free from violence for children and adolescent providing them with knowledge and information about sex and gender, through sensitization, advocacy, awareness and empowerment. Check us out @Pieceofmyheartng on Instagram and Facebook.

3. What prompted you to start a foundation on Gender Based Violence?

I started the NGO as a result of personal experience and the narrative of most Nigeria children. I was a Victim of child sexual abuse, I believe prevention is better than rehabilitation. Many parents shy away from the topic of sex education which makes it easy for abusers to have their way on children and adolescent. Some end up making wrong decisions because of their ignorance.

“I wasVictim of child sexual abuse, I believe prevention is better than rehabilitation.”

4. Apart from running a Foundation, what other things are you into?

Aside from running Piece of my Heart Foundation, I’m a Grahics designer, I’m also into photography. I’m currently stepping up my design game, I’m learning

5. How do you relax despite your busy schedule?

Being around my family and friends gisting  with them, surfing the internet and sometimes being alone and gisting with God.

6. What has the Covid-19 pandemic taught you?

COVID-19 has taught me a lot of things one is that “Nothing is Promised,” live everyday like its your last. We all had plans before the pandemic, but immediately it came things changed. At first, I was confused about how to continue my life but it is important to keep in mind that regardless of what happens, life is continuous(until the world finally ends). Giving up shouldn’t be an option. Things may not always go has planned but God is faithful.

7. As a certified Child Safety Advocate, what is your take on the rising issue on rape in the country?

The rising issue of rape is so sad and alarming, especially during the pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak exacerbates existing inequalities for women and girls across every sphere – from health and the economy, to security and social protection. This further informs us that abusers are not strangers but people who are close to us. It is a call to action that we need to do more prevention intervention and also strengthen our crisis management system by domesticating laws that criminalize Sexual and Gender based violence. We also need to hold our lawmakers accountable, all states should adopt the VAPP Act.

8. What made you venture into photography and graphic design?

I studied computer science in school hence, I picked a niche. I was forced to pick Graphics design as I always get disappointed by designers, that pushed me to learning it. I have always loved Photography right from my childhood and I only got the chance to learn after I graduated.

“Many parents shy away from the topic of sex education which makes it easy for abusers to have their way on children and adolescent.”


9. If you were to address the United Nations on SDGs 5 (Gender Equality), what would your message be?

Gender equality is not impossible. When we put women and girls at the centre of economies it will place the world back on a footing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.The COVID-19 pandemic provides an opportunity for radical, positive action to redress long-standing inequalities in multiple areas of women’s lives, and build a more just and resilient world. A violence free world is everyone’s responsibility. The time for Action is now, as Sexual and Gender based violence is a pandemic.

10. How do you juggle volunteering, photography and graphic designs?

How do I juggle… I set my priority.. Most times I use photography skill and my design skills to volunteer for people. It is not easy doing these things and leading a Nonprofit but with God all things are possible. I also have amazing team members that make life easy.

11. Mention 3 women who inspire you and why?

There are more than three women who inspire me,

1. Mrs Ibukun Awosika, I love the fact that she is a woman breaking boundaries. She inspires me with her love for God and humanity.

2. Anthonia Ojenagbon, she is a survivor of sexual abuse and she is giving other people a chance to be heard. She inspires me so much because of her resilience and her fight for SGBV.

3. Esther Ijewere, a woman with an heart of Gold, she inspires me with her selflessness, humility and doggedness.

12. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see myself far better than who I’m today, touching lives, breaking boundaries in carrier and in life.
Doing what the Father wants me to do per time.

13. If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?

Dear young lady, You’re not too young to start achieving your dreams and never give up on your dreams.
Trust God with your process and never stop building Capacity.

Don’t envy those who are ahead, learn from them. Don’t mock those who are behind, help them. Always remember no one owes you anything, Your personal development is your responsibility. Start now, you will be glad you did.

Your Dreams are valid.

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