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Adekelu Ogunleye better known as Kelu is a serial entrepreneur who runs Kelu Cooks, a business venture that majors on delicious African and intercontinental dishes. The astute entrepreneur also runs an alteration business, known as ‘international obioma’. Her passion for cleaning, creating order and staying organized inspired her to start Kelz Cleaning Services.

Kelu has a BA in English literature from the University of Lagos. Her passion for humanity made her enrol for a diploma in developmental service work program from Cambrian College in Sudbury Ontario, Canada. The stylish mother of two is currently studying Indigenous Social Work at Laurentian University, Canada.

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Filling the vacuum

Shedding light on why she started Kelu Cooks, she said: “Kelu Cooks started as a hobby. Honestly, not that I liked to cook but because there were lots of bachelors and young male students in Sudbury who needed Nigerian food. So I decided to venture into the business to cater to them. It’s a side hustle where I make extra income”. She saw the business opportunity and decided to fill it

Kelu the risk taker

In the same vein, she started Kelz Everclean during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I started the cleaning business during the heat of the pandemic. A lot of cleaners quit their job due to the risk involved. But I saw it as an opportunity and keyed into it. I mean life itself is a risk”.

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Kelu Ogunleye


Kelu’s sterling qualities hasn’t gone unnoticed. As a student at Cambrian College, she has gotten two awards, ‘Building Momentum Award’ and a ‘Leadership Award’.

‘Building Momentum Award’ is an award for single parents who juggle their academics with parenting yet have good grades. The leadership award is for students who demonstrate leadership skills both within and outside campus”, she said.

Chasing Diamonds

Kelu was twenty five when started her fashion styling business in 2008. Never satisfied with being ordinary, Kelu decided to be a certified style consultant in 2010. Her love for humanity, providing emotional support and being a listening ear ignited her passion for social work.

“My love to provide emotional support, to be a listening ear and to advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves motivated me to study social work”.

The single mother of two believes having passion and a dream alone cannot run a business. Her business growth can be found in her ability to embrace consistency and effective business strategies”.

On the lessons she has learnt in the cause of doing business, she said:”Effective communication is key. I have learnt never to undermine the smallest job. Even if my profit is $5, it has to be done properly. All communication must be documented and agreements must be done properly for clients signature to avoid any issues in future”.

Adekelu Ogunleye
Kelu Ogunleye

The fitness enthusiast

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things one can do for one’s health. Kelu doesn’t miss out in this department. She works out in the gym two days a week. At home, she works out three times a week.

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Kelu noted that the joy of nurturing another human being, to see oneself in one’s kids, cannot be overrated.

” It’s a joy to be intentionally diligent just because you have little ones who look up to you”, she said.

She believes strongly in being
her own biggest competition.


” I like to do better than I did. So if I accomplish a project, I make an effort to do better in the next one”.

The former fashion stylist loves to dress according to the occasion.However for her, it has to be comfortable and classy.

When she is not working, Kelu loves to practice self-care. She goes for pedicures and massage.She finds it refreshing and rejuvenating.

There is no second guessing Nigerian designers hold no bar when it comes to their creative expressions via the clothing medium. They exhibit a stellar comprehension of Africanesque style ethos without losing grip of contemporary appeal in the conveyance of their messages of tasteful fashion inspired by Africa. One of such designers is Osuare who dished awesome goodness on a platter of glam with their SS ’15 collection, “Reflections.” The collection is trés chic and boldly ethnic with its unique aesthetic that makes me once again proud to be associated with Nigerian fashion. I particularly love the allusions to ancient African ancestry with the hand-painted masks and highlights of bead embellishment on the otherwise plain dresses; they added the pizazz which makes the Osuare pieces covetable wardrobe staples.

The consistent originality in the works of many Nigerian designers today shows great promise for the future of the fashion industry on this side of the clime. The way they are able to sleekly establish a connection between tribal nuances and Western influences is one which provokes a certain emotion that is both visual and mind engaging.

Nigerian designers put the same amount of energy in their choice of fabric as much as they do in the designs of a collection. Basically, the fabric has become the basis and the foundation of a collection. Gone are the days when designers pick random fabrics from the textile shop. A great amount of thought is put into the making of a fabric- The texture, the silhouette and the prints are put into consideration; these factors therefore determines the choice of design it is made into.

@osuare and @sashescouture are two designers who practically hand-make their own designs. I like how they can both redesign an existing fabric by putting their personal touch into it. @osuare is no doubt inspired by art and her fabrics are usually done in tie and dye, she makes paintings and drawings of art work on them thus making it look really African. However, I like how she contrasts the African inspired fabrics with the use of western designs. The ability to come up with a red carpet piece in an art work based fabric is pure genius.

@sashescouture is an expert in incorporating two or more Ankara fabrics to make one piece. The creativity behind the use of multi-fabric is not a new trend but not every designer can execute the art perfectly. I like how @sashescouture stealthily makes the “cut-out” of an Ankara piece into another in a way that one can hardly tell it’s a multi-fabric.

Nigerian Designers are more authentic in their designs as a result of what their fabrics represent- it represents African culture and Africans generally identify with the prints.



PHOTO CREDIT: @dejikinpeluphotography
MODEL: @theresaedem
FASHION & HAIR STYLING: @keluspecial
MAKEUP: @tolumakeovers