Ejiro Agambi, a graduate of Computer Science from Lagos State University, is a vibrant and an enterprising Nigerian committed to adding value and creating job opportunities.

She’s the Founder of JEOVIL GROUP which houses one of Nigeria’s leading cleaning companies; Jeovil Cleaning and Maintenance Services, LuxuryVox (The Gift Company) and other brands.

A 2019 SME100 Africa, 25under25 Awardee for professional service, an Alumnus of the U.S Exchange Program- Academy for Women Entrepreneurs.

Ejiro Agambi

1. Let’s meet you. Who is Ejiro

I am Ejiro Agambi, an enterprising Nigerian, committed to adding value and creating job opportunities.

My company is a market leader in the provision of detailed cleaning service for residential, commercial and industrial needs.


2. Your hobbies?

Singing, Reading & Graphic designing/ UX/UI

3. Mention three women who inspire you and why

The world is full of inspiring women to study and learn from. But, on a more personal level, I can attest that studying and learning from various great women in history has helped to shape who I am and becoming. They have informed the kind of leader I want to be as a CEO/as an individual as well as the kind of mother I want to be to my future children.

As asked, here are just three examples of the women who have made me the businesswoman and individual I am today.

(1) My mother (Dcns.Mrs.Evelyn Agambi)
She’s a teacher, leader and a business woman. I watched her influence her students, colleagues, women group members, customers and even her neigbours at her place of business simply by the way she carried herself, honour God, and with how hard she worked to solve and think through the problems of others.
She taught me, in this way, what it looks like to be a peoples’ person. How helping others solve problems requires thinking empathetically alongside them so as to truly understand what they’re going through and think about the problem from “their level.”
Thanks to her, I now know that being a real leader requires more than intelligence, ability, or even the capacity to inspire. It requires time, care, genuine concern and God’s grace .

Mrs Ibukun Blessing Awosika and Mrs Tara Fela Durotoye. They both have some ‘similarities’ role models worthy of emulation, they are an inspiration to thousands of women, young and old all around the world from them who have learnt how to effectively balance career, family and spirituality.

4. Your biggest fear?


5. When was JEOVIL GROUP birthed and what inspired you to start a cleaning company?

Jeovil Group was birthed few years ago. I notice details a lot and sometimes when I visit friends and relatives, I end up helping them to organize and clean their spaces, so I said to my self ‘why don’t I let other people know what it feels like to have an excellently cleaned space?’

6. As an award-winning entrepreneur with with a company that is a market leader in the provision of cleaning service, what has been the major challenge(s) so far?

Major challenges are finance, some contract staff ‘janitors’ disappointing at times, not meeting deadline, not being able to get the kind of high quality cleaning equipment I want but this has resulted to us birthing a Cleaning Equipment, Supply and Hygiene brand which will be launching soon.

7. You have divisions in Lagos, Abuja and most recently in Accra, how do you deal with the demands of operating in different areas and another country and what makes your brand unique?

By the grace of God, we’ve put in place proper structures to enable us handle operations in our different locations effectively. We are unique because our focus is EXCELLENCE and we do not deliver less. We are very detailed and I mean detailed to the core.

8. You are a graduate of Computer Science from Lagos State University. Any plans to venture into tech in the nearest future?


9. If given the chance to be the President of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?

Ohh… there’s a lot to change! From insecurity to electricity to the rules that govern businesses in Nigeria.

10. Luxury Vox is a gift company under JEOVIL GROUP alongside other brands with several awards to your credit, where do you see the group and your brands in the next five years?

I look forward to Jeovil being an household name across Africa and to provide more jobs in the next 5 years.

11. Favourite quote

My favorite quote is “ When you fail to plan , you plan to fail” there’s a lot to this quote, PREPARATION IS IMPORTANT.

12. What keeps you up at night?

(Giggles) I sleep at night.

13. If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?

Don’t be too hard on your self, take things one step at a time, draw closer to God, have direction, have a picture of what you want in life, what you want to be.
Turn your goals into prayer requests, strive to develop your self physically, mentally, emotionally and academically. Grow without seeing failure as the end of the world, because failure is a stepping stone to success, I mean if you don’t fail sometimes how will you know what you’re not doing right? No one is perfect, we are bound to be failures sometimes and it’s okay but don’t dwell on it, glean every lesson you can from that experience, and move ahead. Lastly, remember to stay humble and consistent.



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