Arowora Fausat Omolabake popularly known as Olayinkaadukeade is a page poet and a spoken word poet. She writes poems and articles, she composes texts and contents. She’s also a model.

Fausat is a third year student of OOU, studying political science. She is the emeritus Assistant General Secretary of her department and the current Vice President. She is a public speaker, she does skits online too all of which can be found on her IG page-@IamOlayinkaadukeade

1. Let’s meet you. Who is Fausat?

I’m Arowora Fausat by name popularly known as IamOlayinkaadukeade

2. What are your hobbies?

Writing to impact lives, taking pictures when I’m bored, meeting new friends and of course looking good always.

3. Who and what inspires you?

That’s quite a deep question! Well, my story does. My mom does also, taking a look at where God has taken our life story and all, it gives me much more inspiration never to stop soon until I get to the top.

4. What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear in life is becoming all I ever despise, not living a life of impact and surely not seeing my dreams come true.

5. You are the emeritus Assistant General Secretary of the department and the current Vice President. What prompted you to go into politics?

(Smiles) Ever since I was a teen I’ve resolved to go into politics and probably the legal profession, my mom’s life story is a great push of that desire, so I decided to start from the scratch which is going into school politics as we all know the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

6. Your best quote?

God knows best and never stops being good.

A sample of Arowora Fausat’s poem

7. You are a poet and content writer. What do your works border on and how have you been able to impact knowledge to the masses with your writing skills?

My works are mainly centered on improving lives for the better. I’m glad God has used me severally as a catalyst of positive change in the lives of many. I get calls and messages daily from different people across the country telling me how much they are blessed to be a fan of my works, that’s a great encouragement. My works are embedded on the thoughts of giving hope to the hopeless and being the voice of the voiceless knowing fully well whatever situation they are passing through will surely end in praise.

8. Mention three women who inspire you to be better and why

Number 1 is my mother, she’s been through a lot for the sake of her children. I have watched her starve to feed us, too many countless reasons. Number 2 is the homeless but not hopeless, I feel a lot for the less-privileged. I’ve never been there but I know what it feels to be one, this is what prompted me to write on “Street Litters Can Shine” which I’d be releasing very soon.
Number 3 is all successful women on earth, they inspire me a lot as I never stopped aspiring to be like them, seeing them makes me affirm I can do it too. They have been my greatest inspiration. I’m working on a piece titled “The Future Is Female” it will drop very soon too.

9. If given the chance to be the President of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?

The sentiment that a female can’t be a catalytic tool of bringing our dear nation to her promised land. Females can do better! The future is female.


10. You recently ventured into entrepreneurship by monetizing your writing skills and also introducing word frames for special occasions. What inspired that? Any challenges so far?

As soon as I came to the realization of my God-given talent, I’ve been using it to help humanity in my own little way. I’ve got friends who look up to me when it comes to composing birthday texts for them and their loved ones all of which I don’t charge a dime. Looking at this economy, one must find a means of survival. I woke up one day with the thought of how to monetize my talent without jeopardizing the main aim of it – to bless lives, so I came up with the thought of doing “FramePoems” where I compose sweet texts alongside pictures since photo frames is the trending thing in vogue and bless God I have been making quite a handful from it, half bread they say is better than none.

11. How are you able to manage your time with your studies and other activities you’re involved with?

It’s been God always and my dedicated mindset of not mixing my social life with my academic life. Out of no time, I shuffle everything and here we are, it’s been going fine.

12. Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?

I see myself and my brand going places! I see myself as a world-class celebrated public figure and an emulated celebrity. I pray I get better with my writings too, being the future Soyinka isn’t a bad idea you know, a renowned Nobel Laureate. By then, I should be able to tell my success story to the world with tears of joy knowing fully well my dreams have come true.


13. If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?

Never say never! Disappointments are there to make you stronger. Failure is there to teach you to prepare harder. Don’t you ever settle for less! Keep fighting and never give up. The world is waiting to celebrate and listen to your success story.
Thanks for having me.

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