Powede Lawrence is a Nigerian model, nurse and pilot who has proved to the world at large that she was more than just a queen but one with a difference. In a world where most people believe that a beautiful woman cannot achieve anything meaningful, this 26year old young lady has stunned the world.

She is not only a go getter, she is ambitious, beautiful and sophisticated  at that and we totally love her.

Fabwoman.ng has compiled list of 5 things everybody can learn from Powede.

1. It is possible to be beautiful but still have brains

Yes, Powede is  a beauty queen but her beauty goees beyond the physical. Hers is different- her mind is beautiful  and full of wondrous ideas. She shocked the world when she enrolled  to train as a pilot and got certified but this shows that she has got a brain on her. Worthy of note also is the fact that she is a registered nurse.

2. If given a platform, help others

Fashion icon Powede, uses her platform, “Powede Lawrence Foundation” to help the less privileged, her charity renovates school for the physically challenged students in Yenagoa, Bayelsa, and also offers scholarship to all the physically challenged students at her university annually. Once you have a means of assisting one or two people, do it!

3. Be determined

This beautiful lady is a testimony to what anyone can achieve if one has a strong determination. For her to have done so well with modelling and her career, it goes to show that she is a very hard working lady and determined to see her dreams come through.

Of course, there will be days you feel like quitting but in the end, you will have a whole lot of cause to smile.


4. Believe that you can have it all

Yes, the belief is what it takes for you to actualize your dreams. She believed in herself and see all what she has accomplished today. It does not matter if not everyone is cheering you, what matters is you persisting in chasing your dreams.

5. Do not live your life to please others

From everything about Powede, it is very obvious that she is not out to please anyone. She lives her life, constantly braking bounds and achieving. We are sure if she had listened to every advice or ill comments, she might not be where she is today.

Always remember to be YOU, self love is key and the moment you have that, you have almost all you need.


credit: fabwoman.ng

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