#EndSars is trending all over social media and oh well, I have mixed feelings about it. Nope, I am not supporting that SARS be totally scraped off. Yes, I have seen these people chased a young man wildly and even though I didn’t know him, I was so scared they might hurt or worse, shoot him down. I was once in a cab with three other guys that I didn’t know from Adam and we were stopped and searched and accused for no tangible reason whatsoever…but yes, I still maintain my stand. There was a motive and purpose behind the existence of Special Anti-Robbery Squad and we should not forget what their original mission and purpose is, even though some of them have completed deviated from their mission and turned to Special Advanced Robbers Squad. Rather than scrape off SARS altogether, I say we join hands and end careers of the corrupted ones among them. If you are harassed for no reason whatsoever, make sure you go to any length to fight for your right and protest your innocence.

Too many people have lost their lives from being irrational with these irrational people. Stand your ground with common sense. We all know how many Nigerians will sit behind their laptops and phones to form ‘Jagunlabi’ but when it comes to action, they will hide their coward faces. It is not every time you fight violence with violence. That is why they have put numbers out there that you can call if you are harassed or you see anyone being harassed by them SARS, I mean the ones that are Special Advanced Robbers’.

Let the ones that are doing their jobs in a sensible, professional way, do their job. Call the ones that are plainly going out of line of their job, to order.

Let’s not forget that another security force can and will always be created, even if this one is scrapped off. All it takes is just a change of name and uniform…Criminal acts still needs to be curbed, remember?

*drops pen

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