Depression is that persistent annoying voice in your head that tells you all that you are not 

It fills up all your thoughts and consumes you

It is the lies of the enemy 

Blinding you to all that you are and your potential 

It is the half truths that voice whispers to you 

Pointing towards all your failures

Distorting and concealing the true picture  

It is suffering in silence 

Your world surrounded in darkness 


Depression is sleeping in all day and staying awake all night 

With the demons in your head fighting for your attention 

It is alienating all your fiends sometimes 

And believing that no one cares about you 

It is holding on to resentment and heartbreak like a shield 

This supposedly protects you from further hurt 

But also stops you from healing and experiencing true love 


Depression takes different shapes and forms 

It could be laughing, dancing and having the best time with your friends but dying inside 

It could be achieving success and by society’s standard you should be happy 

But the emptiness inside is unexplainable 

Depression is a world filled with empty people barely making it through the day 

It is thinking there isn’t any point to life 

And failing to see the beauty in it 


But depression is not a weakness 

It is not something to be ashamed of 

Rather it is a disease of the mind 

A symptom of a much deeper rooted void in your life 

Depression is something only the one who created you can completely heal 


Author: Chidinma Chukwuma

Chidinma is a final year law student at the University of Sheffield. Check out more of her work at


Photo credit: Gettyimages

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