Gospel artistes have really ‘upped’ their game to meet up with the competitive and changing environment, which has seen corporate sponsors and promoters opting to support other genres to leverage their businesses.

This ‘upping’ has so revolutionalized gospel music that, save for the lyrics, it has received much criticism from people who feel that gospel music has been taken too far and too wide to a point that differentiating it from secular music is difficult.

They believe that the gospel industry is driven by the desire to reap profits and attract corporate sponsors at the expense of evangelism.

Beyond the criticism, there is no doubt that gospel music has been upped in terms of standard and professionalism like the secular’s – but despite that, there is little or no presence (at all) of endorsement deals or corporate sponsors and promoters, who incidentally, swarm on secular artistes like bees on honeycomb.

With these sponsors’ coldness to the gospel music, many gospel artistes are now finding it hard to survive or switching to other opportunities to eke a living – these are worrying signs indeed for the gospel music industry.

With a view to unravelling the reason for this dearth of corporate sponsorship, the Women of Rubies was privileged to run into the pretty ‘JUBILEE’ – a fast-rising gospel artiste, who just organized a successful gospel concert (IGNITE).

She talked on that and more….

Why Jubilee? Is that your stage name or real name? If it’s your stage name, what’s the concept behind it?

Jubilee is my stage name; my real name is Akinboboye Oluwafunmilayo Helen. Jubilee is a name God gave me few days to my 25th birthday. Then, I was thinking it was a name of a business but 5 years down the line, it became a burden and God used a brother for me to birth Jubilee.

Let’s meet you and your kind of music.

My name is Akinboboye Oluwafunmilayo Helen; I’m in my early 30s. I have an OND in Mass Communication. I am from Ondo town in Ondo State. I am the 2nd in a family of 4.

How long have you been in the music ministry (you know it’s a ministry and an industry altogether)?

I started singing in the children choir at the age of 8 and since then, have graced so many platforms. I once had the privilege of backing up Ron Kenoly, Sammie Okposo and a few other notable gospel artistes, but I started my ministry 4 years ago.

Have you released any album, or working on one? How soon do we expect it?

I have already released a single titled: MARVELOUS GOD. I have no album yet, but working one or two more single tracks this year with the help of God.

Are you a ‘performing musician’ or a ‘performing worship/praise leader’? Many people seem to get confused about both?

I am not a performing musician or a performing praise leader – I am a minister with God’s mandate to liberate, restore and inspire people of God to rejoice in spirit and in truth.

You recently organized a programme (IGNITE) – how would you grade the turnout and performance?

It was an awesome experience! God blew my mind with the success of that programme. I received several testimonies during and after the programme. The turnout was incredible. It was a confirmation that God is with me.

Has your music been favourable to you so far?

Yes, because God is with me always. He has got my back and performs everything He has spoken to me about the ministry. I am grateful to Him always.

What’s your assessment of the Nigerian Gospel music Industry so far?

We are doing well so far but people are not encouraging us. Sponsors are not forthcoming. So, we make use of what we have, to do what we need to do.

What is your genre of gospel music?

I don’t have any, sincerely. I talk to God per ministration and He gives me key songs to do. I do worship songs most of the time.

Are you on any label or under any management?

No, I am not. I am under God’s label and management.

If you where asked by a major recording company to do a collaboration with any Nigerian gospel artiste, who would that be?

That will be Wole Oni or Cobhams Asuquo.

Who is your most influential international gospel act?

Kim Burrel

There has been this misconception about gospel music and secular music, sometimes you get to listen to some gospel music and you be like “is this really a gospel music?”, some gospel songs are rap and some sounds very ‘worldly’ – what’s your definition of gospel music?

God knows who He has called. Heaven alone will judge. I don’t talk to judge others. I do my thing the way the Spirit inspires. 

The gospel music seem not to be capturing the attention of the corporate industry in terms of endorsements and brand modelling, what do you think is the problem and what do you proffer as a solution?

We are not doing things merely to attract their attentions. That is not our primary mandate. But gospel artistes also need to improve on the quality of their production, including video. Because it is gospel does not mean it shouldn’t be of excellent. This is one area I am hoping to make a huge difference. It is the only way we can get corporate sponsors to take us serious.

Are you married or in any relationship?

I am not married. I am relying on the direction of the Holy Spirit with regards to relationship.

You are a pretty woman, how have you been able to cope with advances from your male fans?

My male fans are a part of the people God has sent me to minister to. So, I consider every contact an opportunity to minister. I do not see advances from male fans as a problem or challenge. Rather I see it as an opportunity to fulfil the mandate God has given to every believer.

The Money or The Message? These days, if you don’t do music for the money, you do it for the fame. Did you also look at the fame part of it and the money and said “I will do it”?

Both are important. The message is more important than the money. I will never compromise the message for money.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Organizing IGNITE posed a lot of challenges. But I thank God for His faithfulness. I thank God because today I can testify to the success of the concert. I thank God for all the helpers He used to make the concert a success.


How can we get to follow you on social media platforms like facebook, Instagram and twitter etc?

JubileePraise on Facebook, jubilee_praise on Instagram and jubilee_praise on Twitter. I can also be reached on: 09058999082, 09098949690


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