Few years ago I worked with a “Popular” female celebrity (name withheld) as a Personal Assistant, she worked from home and my work was to resume everyday by 8am, either we have something to do or not I “Go to work”, it was at a point when she wasn’t much of a celeb again and her name was fading away, From PA I turned to a semi “help” with style, she would ask me to pick her kids from school, wash their uniforms, do their assignments, cook for her and sometimes I do nothing at all but we would gist all day , but I learnt alot from her.

I rolled on the template of some of the materials she gave me when I started out , my patience earned me knowledge and every time I remember her I say a word of prayer. Too bad she is totally off the scene now. Nothing last forever!!!!

I am sharing this because I meet alot of young girls lately and when we get talking it appears to me that the only thing they want to get from you is either “Your contacts” or just money, Most are not patient to learn and think outside the box, you test them with little information and they think they hit jackpot when they haven’t even seen the main “pot” at all.

Patience is a virtue, You keep saying you want a mentor but you are not ready to be a mentee with an open heart, Of course I can’t ask anyone to do any of the things i had to do for my “Oga” back then but people test us in different ways.

I am still learning from those in front of me but the ones we want to “Pay it forward” to are not ready to learn , they just want to blow like music stars, Rome was not built in a day, those who are flying now, crawled at some point. They are some steps you can’t skip on the road to success. It’s either you are ready to follow through or you just keep chasing different buses.

We can do better Ladies!!!

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